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AC Recycling provides the sludge recycling by using centrifuges both fixed and trailer mounted to process sludge that would otherwise be disposed of, and recycle it.  The value of our processing requires that the components of the sludge have value.  The oil or coolant, including fuel oil and crude oil,  and the solid which could be a valuable metal, plastic or fiberglass.  Often it is only the liquid or the solid that has value, and we still achieve savings compared to disposal.  If both the liquid and solid have good value the customer makes money off of our process.  We credit whatever is recycled out of the sludge from our processing fee. There are many types of centrifuges.  We can sell or rent out decanter and tricanter centrifuges, shaker screens,  and we have a line of Demulsifiers.  Demulsifiers break emulsions and recover more oil from sludge and from oily water.  Demulsifiers are best used with a centrifuge and can create a better cut in the rag layer by reducing the %  emulsion in an oily water stream or a sludge stream.  AC Recycling will pick up a small liter size sample of your oily water or sludge and analyze the best solution for each application.


Our vacuum rebed services using trailer mounted hurricane vacuum units allows us to vacuum out any carbon vessel anywhere.  We send in a crew to safely remove carbon from your vessel and refill it.  We also have the ability to vacuum and refill any media from a vessel anywhere.  We can provide loading diagrams, write back wash procedures, and have worked with engineering firms on designing new vessels. We offer carbon reactivation services and will eliminate landfill of spent carbon.


AC Recycling is now offering Oil Water Separators on skids or on trailers for sale and for rent.  We will maintain this equipment for customers including pumps, hoses, and any technical assistance required to troubleshoot these units.  They will help our customers recycle oily water and separate the water out so they don’t have to pay to dispose of water.  If the oil has value AC Recycling can help our customers get money for the oil we recover if they cannot use it onsite.

Carbon Vessels
We offer vessels from 250 Lbs. to 20,000 Lbs. for rent or sale from Houston, TX and St. Gabriel, LA. These vessels are offered in both vapor phase and liquid phase. (V2 Series) (L4 Series)  Vessel exchanges include fresh carbon vessel delivery, spent carbon vessel pick up and reactivation of the spent carbon. 
Carbon Drums
Our drums come in 200 lb. and 400 lb. sizes for both liquid phase and vapor phase.  Drum exchanges work the same way as vessel exchanges with fresh carbon drum delivery, spent carbon drum pick up and reactivation of the spent carbon included.
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