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Mobile Fluid Recovery (MFR) can process mixed industrial streams such as solvent wipers, oil-laden absorbents and metallic fine mixtures into reusable valued commodities. By using a mobile platform, a centrifuge technology can arrive on-site to separate liquids from solids so that each can be managed more economically and sustainably than traditional dispositioning methods.
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If you have the challenge of difficult combinations within your industrial waste streams, the MFR process can help you by using their on-site process of separating solids from liquids. This enables reuse (of potentially both the liquid and solid), cost and waste reductions, and can help you in meeting your sustainability goals in many areas. Separation examples include:
  • Oils from metallic fines and sludges, enabling oil reuse and revenue from metal recycling
  • Solvents from plastics, enabling reuse of the solvent and plastic recycling
  • Water from oil, enabling direct reuse of the oil in the same process
  • Miscellaneous liquids from absorbents, enabling multiple reuse of the absorbents
  • Solvents from wipers and wiper rags, enabling solvent reuse and wiper recycling into components

The MFR technology is used in many industries to aid in zero waste attainment, revenue generation and cost avoidance goals, corporate social responsibility and circular economy programs. By-products produced from the MFR process are used to create many new products that include plastic components, reusable absorbents, metals for recycling, oils and lubricants for reuse, solvents for reuse and energy from waste applications. Specific examples are cited below:
  • In 2009, MFR partnered with GM in the clean-up efforts during the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill.
  • 227 miles of oil absorbent boom was converted into Chevrolet Volt vehicle components.
  • Solvent wipers are processed to recover the solvent. The dry wiper polymer is compounded into
  • new resin which is capable of injection molding and other use.
  • In the machining industry, lubricants are recovered from grinding sludge / metallic swarf. This
  • allows the swarf to be sold to recyclers. The lubricants can be reused at the generators site. If
  • additional filtering is needed to meet in-house specifications, that can be provided as well.
  • Fluid removal allows processed dry solids to be managed more economically. Lighter-weight
  • materials are easier to manage, reduce transport costs, and reduce dispositioning fees.
  • Fluid removal allows absorbents to be reused multiple times which creates significant cost savings.

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