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AC Recycling, LLC was formed in 2017.  With 26 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry we have the know how to assist with recycling and re-using your Oil and if your process can benefit from recycling the water from your oil mixture we can do that as well.  We have both Oil Water Separators and Centrifuges mounted on trailers designed to recycle your sludge or your oily water mixtures onsite or at our facility.


When processing is complete AC Recycling can give you back the coolant or oil from your sludge to be reused.  We process sludge or swarf from oilfield tool manufacturing, pipe manufacturing, grinding, honing, and threading operations.  It is also found in the defense and automotive industries and in valve manufacturing.  This service eliminates waste and produces an income stream from the recycling.  Oily water mixtures are similar except we recycle the oil and give the customer back the water if they have the option to re-use that.  Saving Oil expenses and drastically reducing water consumption.


AC Recycling will offer Gas Plants, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and manufacturing facilities ways to change out adsorbent vessels with less hassle and expense.  We have a complete line of carbon vessels in liquid phase and vapor phase.  We have carbon drums and vapor boxes.  We also offer Ceramic Support Balls, Anthracite, Gravel, and Sand for water treatment, adsorbent vessel loadings, and designs.


How can AC Recycling help your bottom line?

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