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Solutions for Oily Water

AC Recycling, LLC will be offering solutions for Oily Water that our customers are currently disposing of.  Our Oil Water Separator trailer mounted units will allow separation of the oil and water and the customer can re-use the oil, and clarify the water for re-use as well.  These units can be rented on an as needed basis or sold on a skid for permanent installation.


AC Recycling, LLC also has trailer mounted centrifuges for separating oil or coolant from metal working sludges.  The oil or coolant can be recycled back to our customer or sold to others for recycling.  We can also recycle the metals from your sludge for a credit off of our processing fee.


Our fee structure begins with the processing fee and we can credit off what we recycle from the customers sludge.  The more we recycle the higher our processing fee is.  But the more likely our customer makes money from a sludge they were disposing of as well.  These credits off of our fee, get higher as the amount we can recycle gets higher.  AC Recycling is achieving a circular economy and eliminating landfill use while saving our customers money.

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