Services for Salt Water Disposal

AC Recycling, LLC is focusing on Salt Water Disposal (SWD) in particular for the crude oil recovery, water recovery for recycling and overall profit potential our expertise will bring to SWD.  The Permian Basin, Eagleford Shale, and Bartlett Shale plays continue to require produced water and pit water to be disposed of and the crude oil recovered. The demand for improvement of recovery will increase for the foreseeable future. Our offering is unique and multi-faceted.  We repair, troubleshoot, sell, rent, and offer equipment financing for decanter and tricanter centrifuges.  In addition, we offer a line of demulsifiers which increase crude oil recovery, increase water recovery, eliminate waste and free up tank space where emulsions may have tied up assets and eliminated potential profits.  We will work with our customers from taking samples from the tank giving you problems, to testing, lab analysis, timely responses and quotes, and operator training for mixing and dosing the demulsifier into the pipeline upstream of tank storage.


AC Recycling, LLC is keeping centrifuges online longer, getting them back online faster and at a lower cost than our competition.  Then, we are improving recovery and recycling which is a bottom line improvement for any SWD facility.

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