Recycle Sludge & Recover Value

Sludge Recycling

  • Recycling a Sludge gets a company closer to landfill free!
  • Recycling a Sludge removes landfill tip fees.
  • Recycling a Sludge allows a company to recover the value of metals and oil/coolant trapped in the sludge that would otherwise be lost.
  • The greater the value of metal or oil/coolant in the sludge, the more value it brings to the company producing it.
  • AC Recycling can process your sludge onsite saving you transportation costs!

"AC Recycling LLC saves us ~30% on the recycled Honing Oil. We no longer pay to dispose of our Swarf. It's a win win for both companies."
Jerome DeMarco
CEO DeMarco Machine

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